ABIS & Gyro Navigation

Automatic Bentonite Injection System (ABIS)

We offer a variety of lubrication systems for pipe jacking operations, including the Automatic Bentonite Injection System (ABIS).

Key Features:

  • Mainly used in longer spans of pipe jacking projects.
  • With the right amount of bentonite injected onto the pipes’ outer surface, the ABIS minimises frictional force during jacking operations.
  • Amount of bentonite released can be controlled via valve control modules, which are monitored remotely from a touchscreen display in the control cabin.
  • As a result of reduced friction, a lower jacking force is required.

Gyro Naviagation

Using fibre optic technology, TOKYO KEIKI Gyro Navigation systems provide great precision and optimum machine control in long and curved pipe jacking projects.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for long and curved pipeline construction.

  • Accurate real-time machine position is determined by the north-seeking Gyrocompass and Distance Meter.

  • User-friendly graphics and software for easy handling.

  • Database is automatically saved and updated.

  • A standalone system that can be installed across all pipe jacking machines from any manufacturer.