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Automatic Bentonite Injection System (ABIS)

We offer a variety of lubrication systems for pipe jacking, including the Automatic Bentonite Injection System (ABIS), polymer additive and more.

Automatic Bentonite Injection System (ABIS)

• Minimises jacking friction which in turn reduces jacking force required.
• Mainly used in longer spans of pipe jacking.
• Amount of additive released can be controlled and tracked remotely via the control box.

Polymer Additive

• A specialised cross-link water-soluble polymer ideal for construction of Bored Piles, Barrette, and Diaphragm Walls in suitable ground conditions.
• Cost effective viscosifier in both fresh and brackish water.
• Minimal disposal cost and environmentally-friendly.

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JK&T Equipment is the supplier for ABIS and other pipe jacking additives in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Contact us at +65 6904 5833 or for more information.