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Polymer Concrete Pipes

Unlike conventional concrete pipes, the high compressive strength and corrosion-resistant nature of polymer concrete pipes have in recent years made them the most ideal for pipe jacking operators.

Complied with BS EN 14636-1:2009 and certified with a 100-year life span strength, TPP polymer concrete pipes are put through continuous R&D and tests to provide the most optimum performance in pipe jacking:

• High Strength

Built to withstand great jacking forces and ground pressure, the entire pipeline can be installed smoothly without breakage.

• Highly Resistant to Corrosion

The pipes are highly resistant to chemical attacks, making them effective for sewage transportation.

• Cost Efficient

With longer life cycle and zero maintenance required on the pipes, costs are kept to a minimum for operators.

• Smooth Exterior

At TPP factory, the exterior of the pipes are specifically made to reduce friction during jacking, hence enabling a smaller jacking force.

• Lightweight

Despite being extremely sturdy, the pipes are also made to be more lightweight which allows for easy transporting and jacking.

With technology originating from Japan, TPP Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a specialised manufacturer of Polyester Resin Concrete (PRC) used in sewerage and drainage systems.

JK&T is the official distributor for TPP polymer concrete pipes in Singapore. Contact us for more information at enquiries@jktgroup.com.sg