What happens when slurry is fed into a filter press?

Thinking of treating your own slurry? Take a sneak peek into what happens when slurry passes through a filter press!

When slurry is fed into the filter press chambers, mud cake is formed between the filter plates as water is discharged. Once the slurry is fully dewatered, the filter plates will release the dry mud cake onto a conveyor belt for disposal.

This filter press is part of a slurry treatment system customised by JK&T engineers for our customer. Based on their required load capacity, we recommended a combination of 1 Desander unit and 2 Filter Press units for optimal efficiency. 

As of today, we have sold various filter press units that are fully operational at our customers’ work sites across Singapore. Every site is unique, and what we offer is a customised solution that is catered to your space availability and project requirements.

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