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Slurry Management Systems


As regulatory bodies call for more environmentally-conscious methods of disposing slurry, our suite of slurry management solutions has definitely benefited clients in many ways.

Without having to transport slurry to treatment plants, pipe jacking companies can enjoy long-term cost savings and efficiency from treating slurry onsite and reusing the water for pipe jacking operations. Here are some of the more widely adopted slurry management equipment and/or tools:

• Decanter Centrifuge
Vacuum Pumps

Hebei GN SOLIDS CONTROL CO. LTD is a leading manufacturer specialised in separation equipment. Established in 2007, GN is the first API-certified solids control equipment manufacturer from China whose products have since been exported to over 60 countries around the world.

JK&T is the preferred distributor for GN products in Singapore and Malaysia.
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