Slurry Management Systems

As regulatory bodies call for more environmentally-conscious methods of disposing slurry, our suite of slurry management solutions has definitely benefited clients in many ways.

By treating slurry at work sites, not only can construction companies enjoy greater work efficiency from reusing water onsite, but also long-term cost savings from reduced need for water change and having less slurry to be transported away for disposal. Here are some of the more widely adopted slurry management systems:


• Separates large solids from drilling mud.
• Cut point: 40 microns (e.g. rocks, sand, silt)



• Using centrifugal forces, finer solids are separated from water which can then be reused in jacking operations or disposed.
• Cut point: 2-5 microns (e.g. fine silt, clay)



• Separates water from mud by forcing liquid through a filter cloth using high pressure.

JK&T is the preferred distributor for GN products in Singapore and Malaysia. As of today, our slurry treatment systems are fully operational at some of the local pipe jacking work sites for LTA and PUB projects, and they have proven to be both sustainable and economical in the long run. We are also teamed up with a local chemical additives specialist to ensure proper analysis of your slurry and the right use of additives to optimise the process.

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