TPP Polymer Concrete Pipe


Unlike conventional concrete, polymer concrete pipes have become widely used in pipe jacking due to its high strength and corrosion-resistant capabilities. Diameter range from 260mm to 1000mm.

Manufactured with Japan technology and complied with BS EN 14636-1:2009, TPP polymer concrete pipes are put through a series of tests and have been certified with a life span strength of at least 100 years.

High Strength

Built to withstand great jacking forces and ground pressure, the pipes have been proven to install smoothly without breakage.


Polymer concrete is most effective for sewage transportation as it is highly resistant to chemical attacks.


Maintenance costs are minimal since the pipes are maintenance- free and have a longer life cycle.


TPP pipe offers smooth exterior, reducing jacking friction and enabling a lower jacking force.

ease of handling

Thinner and lighter than similar strength class jacking pipes, polymer concrete pipes allow for easy loading and unloading.

JK&T is the Official Exclusive Distributor for TPP in Singapore.

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