Feeling guilty about plastic waste?

In humid countries like Singapore, it is common to find dehumidifier boxes at home to prevent mould and odour caused by excess moisture in the air. These single-use dehumidifier boxes usually last for about 1-2 months before they must be replaced with new ones.

Assuming every Singaporean uses just 1 box per month (i.e. 12 boxes per year x 5 million population), that is 60 million boxes to be disposed per year! Since plastic is not always recyclable, it is not surprising that the plastic straw that you have thrown away 10 years ago may still exist in a landfill somewhere.

Our search for a solution:

As Singaporean homeowners ourselves, we are stricken with eco-guilt each time we think of the amount of plastic we are contributing to landfills. Thus, we have been searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, such as refilling our dehumidifier boxes as many times as possible without having to buy new boxes each time.

However, we realized that most dehumidifier brands either do not offer a refillable option, or the refill packs come in relatively small one-time-use packs, contributing to more plastic waste.

The eco-friendlier solution:

Hence, we have designed our very own SLURPY BEAR refillable dehumidifier boxes which you can reuse for as long as you want, without having to buy more containers each month. All you need is the refill – and our 4.5kg jumbo refill pack allows you to refill up to 18 times/boxes depending on your usage. It also comes in a user-friendly packaging with a screw cap spout for easy pouring and storage. 

Enjoy up to $3.49 off on Shopee or Lazada. Grab yours now!

Feel free to chat with us via Whatsapp if you have any questions.

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