Importance of Tungsten Carbide in Pipe Jacking Cutters

In pipe jacking, friction occurs on the cutter face where the actual cutting of rocks, concrete and soil takes place. This means high strength and abrasion-resistance are key properties we should always look for in our selection of cutters.

1. Hardness

Second only to diamond, tungsten carbide has a ranking of 9 on the Mohs’ scale of hardness, while diamond is at 10. It is able to withstand abrasive wear and tear up to 100 times longer than steel.

2. Robust strength even at high temperature conditions

With a high melting point of about 2870°C, tungsten carbide is able to retain its strength and sharp cutting edge in high temperature conditions.

3. Highly resistant to corrosion

Last but not least, tungsten carbide is unlikely to oxidise or corrode even in severe environments due to its extremely stable characteristics, making it most suitable for pipe jacking cutters.

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