RASA Pipe Jacking Machine

RASA’s most popular pipe jacking machine series, the DH, is capable of handling pipe size of 250mm to 3000mm (internal diameter) and excavating through a variety of ground conditions including boulder, soft rock, medium hard rock, and hard rock layers. By changing its customisable cutter disk, the machine can also be used in ordinary soil, hard soil, and cobble gravel layers.

Key advantages:


Powerful Crushers

The machine adopts a two-stage crushing mechanism. Primary crushing is performed by roller bits installed on the cutter disk that rotates at a large torque, followed by secondary crushing performed by a robust cone crusher located behind the cutter face.

Customised to Precision

With a variety of cutter disks for different ground conditions, the cutter head can be customised for the best excavation performance.


The design simplicity and ease of operating the RASA machine allow operators to keep costs low, yet maximising its fullest capabilities.


Key machine types:



ID: 600 – 3000 mm

By changing its cutter disk, the DH is capable of excavating through various ground conditions.



ID: 1000 – 2400 mm

Specially built for long distance jacking, the DHL is capable of jacking 300-1000m distance in 1 span.



ID: 300 – 700 mm (Hydraulic model)

ID: 250 – 500 mm (Electric model)

Uniquely designed for small starting shafts, the DHFS can be divided into 4 smaller segments.


Pipe Jacking Accessories

A pipe jacking system includes a suite of supporting equipment and accessories. Here are some of the essential components supplied by RASA:

Since 1980, RASA has sold over 1,200 pipe jacking machines across more than 14 countries. With over 40 years of expertise in the field, RASA has a wealth of experience to ensure each machine is designed and manufactured specifically to your project requirements.

JK&T Equipment is the official distributor for RASA pipe jacking machines in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Contact us at +65 6904 5833 or enquiries@jktgroup.com.sg for consultation on your machine specifications.