RASA DHL1350 for long distance jacking

Installed with cutter disks for hard soil, this pair of RASA DHL1350 has just arrived in Singapore and will be performing sewer diversion works as part of Singapore’s upcoming new MRT line construction.

The DHL machine type is designed to accomplish long distance jacking, typically 300-1000m in 1 span. It comes with an inspection hatch for easy replacement of cutters – an essential feature for optimal excavation performance in long distance jacking.

With over 30 years of experience in pipe jacking, JK&T believes in finding the right machine type based on your project requirements, and having a reliable local support team for after-sales servicing and troubleshooting.

JK&T is the official distributor for RASA machines in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Find out more here or drop us an email at enquiries@jktgroup.com.sg.

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