RASA DHD1500 for new sewers at Changi East Area

Ready to tackle hard soil for new sewers at Changi East Area, Singapore, this RASA DHD1500 pipe jacking machine comes with a cutter disk of rollers, shell bits and cutter bits for thorough excavation. A separate cutter disk is also included in the shipment for another jacking span, but fitted with cutters for sandy clay ground.

The DHD model is a divide type where the machine can be split into smaller sections for it to be retrieved from a small arriving shaft.

Having sold more than 1,200 machines across the world, you can depend on RASA’s expertise to craft a solution that best fits your project requirements, regardless of ground condition.

JK&T is the official distributor for RASA in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We have a local team of engineers in Singapore to provide commissioning, servicing and troubleshooting support for our clients’ projects. Find out more here or drop us an email at enquiries@jktgroup.com.sg.

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